Hi, I’m Elizabeth Waites.

I’m working full-time, finishing my university degree, and raising two kids. Like many parents, my husband and I are involved in soccer practice, school activities, ballet, etc., etc. Frankly, I was on overload and became really concerned about the increasing number of stories about children and even pets left in overheated vehicles. What if I did something like that? I would never get over it.

- So my dad and I invented AutoLifeGuard.


Heat Safety is a major issue:

State senator 'confident' hot car break-in bill will be read, passed this week


What is AutoLifeGuard?

AutoLifeGuard is an aftermarket device that interfaces with your car’s logic systems to prevent vehicle heat buildup injuries. It senses whether or not a child, pet, or even an adult is in the vehicle which is overheating, and then it rolls the windows down and activates an alarm- maybe a panic alarm or a vehicle distress signal connecting to something like On-Star© or mBrace© or perhaps even with an advanced alarm system that could send a text to your phone.

We have applied for a Patent for the AutoLifeGuard system.


How AutoLifeGuard Works

AutoLifeGuard Basic Operation

We haven’t finished the design of the instrument yet, but we hope to have this accomplished in the very near future.

Please stay tuned...